• @fishingwithjane (2020)

  • @cabinsofamerica (2023)

  • @sierranevadadaily (2022) SOLD

  • @waldosicecream (2019)

  • @janeswholesomecooking (2018)

  • @sierranevadageneralstore (2023)

Ad Campaigns

Tell a story, share a pun, congratulate a milestone. It's easy to give people reasons to indulge. In fact, they already want to.

How the magic happens

Favorite hardware & programs for creating:

  • 16G RAM computer (apple or pc is fine) for running Adobe editing programs
  • iPad for running Procreate
  • Spare iPhone for filming time lapses
  • 8K video camera
  • 2 waterproof Go-Pros and assorted mounts
  • Many tripods and vice grips
  • Google office
  • Time & love


Montana State University, Bozeman - B.S. in Sociology, 2015


  • Effective project management
  • Experience in e-commerce
  • Creative design abilities that inspire conversation
  • Well versed in social media marketing approaches
  • Organized, strategic, analytical
  • Direct yet gentle communicator
  • Content & ad campaigns are inspired by the underlying goal of sharing happiness

Ready for sales?

I combine SEO with fresh imagery to quickly attract consumer attention and convert sales.

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  • Freehand embroidery

  • Live edge organizers

  • Fly tying

  • Group sushi classes