Deux Cadeaux is about...

When starting Deux Cadeaux, we set out to solve two problems. We absolutely love the icy shine of diamonds, but we don't approve of the violent history of the diamond industry. Additionally, we don't appreciate the way certain titans of the diamond industry have put a chokehold on the markets supply.

So, we went in search of ethically lab grown diamonds that could compete (in clarity, color & carat) with the most expensive earth-mined stones on the market. Along the way, we met some incredible jewelers from around the world that produce diamonds for roughly 80% less than the cost of earth mined diamonds of the same quality.

We partner with diamond growing laboratories that maintain strict precautions to better prioritize the health and safety of their crews. Diamond mining is ill reputed for the accidents, cave-ins, and toxic gases that claim the lives of brave people working in them. The lives lost to these accidents is really a horror, especially when you factor in how many lives have been lost in diamond growing labs. None.

That's why we take so much pride in the exquisite quality & origin of our stones. We choose to be transparent with our clients out of respect, and believe that sharing the savings of our lab grown diamonds is major part of who we are.

We are always interested in talking shop, so feel free to reach out to us anytime.